Light on Board optical IC package

The Light on Board optical IC packaging technology offered by Reflex Photonics brings together user-defined microchips (ASIC’s, FPGA’s, processors, switches, etc…) and modular optical engines to better enhance the I/O capabilities of standard IC packaging and board assemblies.
Within the product family of Light on Board, many varieties of user-defined chip sets can be targeted; but more specifically those that require multiple channel, low-power, very-high-speed interfaces that would normally be connected to optical I/O devices such as SFP or QSFP pluggable modules. There can be numerous tailored flavors of optical IC package that can be developed, the numbers of channels, the ratio of inputs to outputs, the data-rates and the customized settings can all be independent design parameters for a given ASIC technology.

Optical IC features

  • High performance 28G/56G signaling
  • Smaller, integrated size
  • Simplified motherboard construction (low-speed, power and control)
  • Lower cost system assembly and materials
  • Socketable and modular core functionality
  • Field replaceable upgrades
  • Ultra-dense faceplate port counts
  • Lower electrical power consumption

Generic Optical IC package specifications

  • JEDEC compatible footprints
  • 2.54 mm, 1.27 mm, and 1 mm pin/ball pitches
  • Up to 21×21 PGA arrays (external to package)
  • Up to 35×35 LGA arrays (external to package)
  • Height of packages < 7.0 mm (excluding heatsinking)
  • From 4 to 192 bidirectional optical ports
  • Custom packages available with variable ratios