Electronic Design magazine: Optical Goes Small and Rugged


William Wong from Electronic Design magazine writes about the exciting introductions made by Reflex Photonics at VITA’s Embedded Tech Trends 2017.

Optical Goes Small and Rugged

Reflex Photonics’ LightABLE series delivers up to a dozen 10-Gbit/s transmit and receive optical channels that are used in a range of rugged boards.

VITA’s Embedded Tech Trends 2017 conference was host to a range of new optical announcements.
Optical connectivity has significant advantages in electrically noisy, rugged environments. It does not have the crosstalk and distances issues that copper does. Optical connections are able to run faster and over longer distances, making them more desirable in rugged, embedded applications. Copper will still be used when possible because of its lower cost, but… Read the full article

Reflex Photonics’ new facility

Reflex Photonics headquarters | 16771 Ch Ste-Marie, Kirkland, QC H9H 3L1

Reflex Photonics just moved to a new 40,000 ft2 facility that includes 3,500 ft2 of clean rooms and added state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D equipment. This investment shows Reflex Photonics' commitment to be a reliable supplier and to continue to better serve its customers’ demand s for larger volume, on-time delivery, and quality products.

Military Embedded Systems magazine: Rugged fiber optics for radar applications

Mariana Iriarte, Associated Editor for Military Embedded Systems interviews Mr. Gerry Persaud, V.P. Business Development of Reflex Photonics about rugged fiber optics for radar applications.

Rugged fiber optics for radar applications

To meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements as well as higher-bandwidth demands in radar applications, engineers are leaning towards fiber optics as the answer. The challenge is designing them to be rugged to withstand harsh environments. In this Q&A with Gerald Persaud, vice president of business development of Reflex Photonics in Pointe-Claire, Canada and Ray Alderman Chairman of the Board for VITA, they address these challenges… Read the full article