Reflex Photonics is proud to introduce two new lines of products targeting high-end space and industrial applications. Leveraging its expertise in embedded optical communication modules for defense and aerospace, Reflex Photonics is now offering the LightSPACE™ radiation-hardened optical transceivers for space applications and the LightVISION™ robust, screw-in optical module for industrial applications. From terrestrial to space applications and beyond, Reflex is committed to becoming the prime supplier for all demanding optical interconnect applications.

The LightSPACE embedded optical modules are rugged devices engineered to withstand radiation doses as per the European Cooperation for Space Standardization ECSS-Q-ST-60-15C, while offering high bandwidth (greater than 150 Gbps) in a chip-size package.

Guillaume Blanchette, PM at Reflex Photonics adds:

With the introduction of the LightSPACE and the LightVISION line of products in Q1 2018, we have broadened our portfolio to address the rugged, high-speed optical interconnect needs of equipment developers for space and industrial markets. The growing number of applications we will be able to develop with these new customers is truly exciting.
One such applications is high-speed cameras where the LightVISION will outclass pluggable optical module on environmental requirements, as well as size and power consumption.


Gerald Persaud, V.P. Business Development at Reflex Photonics was given the opportunity to participate in a VITA expert roundtable.

Read the whole roundtable discussion here.

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