LightABLE LF 28G series embedded transceiver

LightABLE LF 28G embedded transceiver

The Reflex Photonics LightABLE LF 28G SR 12+12 is the world’s smallest, integrated board-mounted optical transceiver. It has 12 optical transmitters and 12 optical receivers in a single 2×12 MT optical interface for a total aggregate data rate of up to 336 Gbps.
These transceivers can be placed as a surface-mount component anywhere in a board design but are uniquely targeted for densely populated I/O around and close to large main processing or switching chips to help reduce  power consumption while increasing data-rates per port.
Example applications range from proprietary switching systems and high performance compute (HPC) systems, to  dense data collection pipes for sensor arrays (radar, imaging, etc…), to inter-blade interconnects and inter-chassis interconnects, as well as backplane extensions and rack-to-rack mass interconnectivity

Specification and features

  • 12-channel TX and 12-channel RX
  • 850-nm VCSEL based transmitters
  • Standard 2×12 MT optical interface
  • Ethernet 25GBase-SR compliant
  • Channel data rates: 28 Gbps up to 100 m
  • Surface mount BGA 1.0-mm pitch
  • Total footprint: 33.5 mm × 14 mm
  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 70 °C
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Under development. Please contact sales.