V.-p., Développement des affaires

Mariana Iriarte, rédactrice en chef associée à Military Embedded Systems interviewe M. Gerry Persaud, V.-p., Développement des affaires chez Reflex Photonics sur les défis dans le processus de conception et les tendances de l'industrie pour les modules optiques intégrés.

M. Gerry Persaud, V.-p., Développement des affaires

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Embedded optics enabling higher bandwidth computing

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems are driving the need for higher bandwidth computing and engineers have turned to ruggedized fiber optics to meet that demand. In this Q&A with Gerald Persaud, Vice President, Business Development at Reflex Photonics, discusses the challenges in the design process and where designs are trending for embedded optical modules; VITA Standards; and how secure communications, ISR, and radar systems are taking advantage of the technology...  Lire la suite