The Reflex Photonics test systems enables the user to effectively evaluate the LightABLEembedded transceivers.
These products will allow you to perform bit error rate and eye diagram test on the LightABLE and optical interconnect, and assess electrical and optical signal quality from the LightABLE. In addition, they will allow testing various communication protocols such as Ethernet, PCIe, and Infiniband over the LightABLE.

Optical testers

The Optical Tester is the perfect vehicle for testing and experiencing the LightABLE SR4 transceiver modules. The Optical Tester consists of a printed circuit evaluation board with a pluggable SR4 transceiver module. 
The Optical Tester is available in two configurations: 10G and 40G.

10G Optical Tester

40G Optical Tester