120G Optical Tester

Optical Tester SR12 120G

The Optical Tester SR12 120G is the perfect vehicle for testing and experiencing the LightABLE SR12 transceiver modules. The Optical Tester SR12 120G consists of a printed circuit evaluation board with pluggable SR12 transceiver modules. The LightABLE SR12 optical transceivers offer 12 asynchronous channels operating at up to 10.3125 Gbps per channel. These modules are designed for very short reach applications (1 m to 100 m) with support on 50/125 micron multimode fiber (OM3). 

Optical Tester 120G

The Optical Tester SR12 120G allows RF electrical access to 12 TX channels and 12 RX channels of the SR12 transceiver. (back view).
The diagram also shows the 1×24 MPO connector fiber channel assignment.

Optical Tester 120G
Optical Tester 120G

Specifications and features

  • Designed to operate at up to 10.3125 Gbps per channel.
  • 12× TX and 12× RX high-speed channels each accessible via a differential pair of SMA connectors.
  • AC coupled high-speed signals.
  • Single power supply, standard wall-plug interface.


  • Assess electrical and optical signal quality from the LightABLE SR12.
  • Enable bit error rate and eye diagram test on the LightABLE SR12 and optical interconnect.
  • Test various communication protocols such as Ethernet, PCIe, and Infiniband over the LightABLE.
  • 12 channel EO/OE lab-grade converter.
Optical Tester 120G dimensions