Reflex Photonics announces a live demonstration of 100GBASE-SR10 CFP links at OFC 2010

Reflex Photonics, today announced a live demonstration of Reflex 100G CFP MSA modules in an Infinera DTN DWDM optical system in the Infinera Express mobile demo unit at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optics Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) in San Diego, California from March 23 – 25th, 2010. Conference attendees are invited to visit the Infinera Express at Booth location (#325) and the Reflex Photonics Booth (#1951) during the event.

The Reflex CF-X12-C11801 modules, which are compliant to the 100GBASE-SR10 interface in the IEEE draft 100 Gigabit Ethernet standard, are shipping to customers now.

“Due to the unaddressed need for a low-cost, short-reach 100G Ethernet optical solution, Reflex launched its 100GBASE-SR10 product last year.” said Robert Coenen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reflex Photonics. “A large percentage of the needed 100G Ethernet chassis-to-chassis links will be less than 100 meters and for this the Reflex CF-X12-C11801 module is the ideal solution.”

Employing the next generation Reflex LightABLE™ VCSEL/PD array optical sub-assembly technology, the Reflex 100G CFP module is also designed to enable support for the 112G (ITU OTU4) rate. The CF-X12-C11801 employs a single optical MPO port which connects to an industry standard 2×12 parallel multi-mode fiber cable. The Reflex CFP transceiver consumes only 6 watts and yet is compliant with the stringent CAUI electrical 100 Gbps attachment unit interface specification.

“Reflex’s fully standards-compliant 100GBASE-SR10 100G CFP transceiver offers the industry a low-cost alternative to 100GBASE-LR4 modules in applications where multi-mode fiber links are optimal, while it’s very low power consumption promises lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint..” said Drew Perkins, CTO at Infinera.”