LightABLE embedded transceiver in surface mount and pluggable variants

Reflex Photonics announced its Low BER LightABLE 12 channel embedded optical module achieved e-15 while transmitting 120 Gbps.

The LightABLE has shown excellent resistance to system noise for mission critical system where transmission errors cannot be tolerated. The Reflex LightABLE are small low form factor (5 mm high) rugged SMT optical modules that operate in the harshest environments from -40°C to +85°C.

Reflex Photonics will be showing live demonstrations of the LightABLE at MILCOM 2015 in Tampa, Florida from October 26 to 28. Conference attendees are invited to see this demonstration at our booth (#612) where “dry ice” ( -78°C ) is dropped on the LightABLE while it is transmitting and receiving 120 Gbps with no errors.

Gerald Persaud, VP Business Development at Reflex Photonics said: “High resolution systems such as Active Electronic Scanned Array are invaluable for providing quick and accurate surveillance information. These advance systems process massive amount of data in a noisy environment where high bandwidth fiber optic links are the only practical solution for SWaP. Reflex Photonics low BER LightABLE™ with its small footprint is the best solution for data intensive applications”

Reflex has supplied thousands of LightABLE to the largest defense contractors for radar, surveillance systems and embedded computing. Reflex Industrial grade LightABLE Embedded Optics is used in High Performance Embedded Computers following the new VITA 66 standard.