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Wafer inspection

Optical transceivers empower wafer defect review system and offer the most viable data transfer solution for advanced machine vision challenges.

Reflex Photononics’ high-speed optical transceivers offer the most flexible solution to the data transfer issues ...
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ECOC Exhibition

Reflex Photonics to attend ECOC 2017 expo

Reflex Photonics to attend ECOC Exhibition. The ECOC Exhibition is the largest optical ...
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Space Tech Expo Europe 2017

Reflex Photonics to attend Space Tech Expo Europe

Reflex Photonics will be present at the Space Tech Expo Europe conference. The free-to-attend ...
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LightCONEX blind mate optical interconnect for VPX embedded computing systems

Reflex Photonics to present paper at AVFOP 2017

A paper written by Mr. J. Lauzon, T. Oleszczak, and S. El Kharraz and entitled Board Edge ...
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China Internations Optoelectronic Expo

Reflex Photonics to attend CIOE 2017 exhibition

Reflex Photonics will be present at the China International Optoelectronic Expo conference. CIOE - ...
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New SNAP12 120G developed for machine vision and IFES applications.

New SNAP12 120G for machine vision and avionic IFES applications with operation temperature rating up to 95 ºC.

Reflex Photonics is proud to announce the launch of new SNAP12 120G modules targeting advanced ...
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Relation between the different elements of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Compute, Communicate, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance).

Rugged Optical Transceivers for Embedded Computing Systems

The objective of this white paper is to show how important and critical optical interconnect is ...
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The Optical Tester SR12 is the perfect vehicle for testing and experiencing the LightABLE SR12 transceiver modules.

Reflex Photonics launches a line of Optical Testers to simplify testing of its LightABLE rugged transceivers and of optical interconnects.

Recognizing the need for a ready-made test bench for its line of transceiver modules, Reflex ...
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LightABLE LM embedded transceiver with microcontroller

Reflex Photonics announces new operating temperature absolute rating on the LightABLE

Reflex Photonics has proven that its LightABLE™ multichannel 120 Gbps* rugged optical transceivers can withstand temperature ranging ...
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Gerald Persaud V.P. Business Development

Military Embedded Systems magazine interviews Mr. Gerry Persaud, V.P. Business Development

Mariana Iriarte, Associated Editor for Military Embedded Systems interviews Mr. Gerry Persaud, V.P. Business Development ...
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