Onboard embedded optical transmitter and receiver modules offering radiation hardness, robustness, longevity, and high I/O density.

The LightSPACE radiation-hardened line of products with their intrinsic radiation resistance, are well suited to provide optical interconnect within space vehicles. These devices are extremely rugged and deliver bandwidth in excess of 150 Gbps in a chip size part.

Radiation hardened embedded transceivers advantages

Radiation hardness

  • Heavy-ion tested
  • Gamma rays tested
  • High and low energy protons tested
  • ECSS process and lot acceptance tests


  • Low profile:  5 mm high
  • Small footprint: 1.3 cm × 1.3 cm
  • Weight: less than 4 g
  • Power: less than 100 mW per lane
  • Meet highest level SWaP requirement.


  • Operating temp.: -40 °C to 100 °C
  • Storage temp.: -57 °C to 125 °C
  • Shock and vibration resistant: BGA mount
  • Moisture resistant: sealed



  • BW: 150/50 Gbps
  • Link budget: greater than 13 dB
  • Receiver sensitivity: -12dBm
  • BER: 10-15
  • Reach: greater than 300 m

Typical applications

Optical interconnect within space vehicles in low-earth orbit

  • Highest level SWaP requirement
  • Resistance to heavy-ion, Gamma rays, and high and low energy protons
  • Severe acceptance criteria
  • High I/O density
  • Resistance to temperature extremes 


Suitable transceivers

LightSPACE 150G

LightSPACE 50G

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