QSFP28 parallel optic module

QSFP28 MSA transceiver modules

The QSFP28 (quad small form-factor pluggable) is a hot-pluggable, high-density transceiver. It is a full-duplex optical module that offers 4 independent transmit and receive channels, each capable of 25 Gb/s operation for an aggregate data rate of 100 Gb/s. 
QSFP28 supports 100G Ethernet, data center, cloud networks, and high-performance computing networks applications. 
QSFP28 modules are available in multimode and single mode versions and also as AOC (active optical cable). QSFP28 is designed to meet harsh operating conditions including temperature, humidity, and EMI interference.


Specifications and features

  • 4 independent full-duplex channels
  • Up to 10 km reach
  • IEEE 802.3ba, 100GBASE-LR4,  IEEE 802.3bm, or 100GBASE-SR4 compliant
  • Up to 28 Gbps data rate per channel
  • LVCMOS/LVTTL global control signals
  • Single 3.3 V power supply
  • Operating case temperature: 0 ºC to 70 ºC
  • QSFP28 MSA compliant
  • RoHS-6 compliant
Product Description TX Laser Reach (m) Power (W) Documentation
QSFP28 SR4 850 nm VCSEL 100 <3.5 Product brief
QSFP28 PSM LR4 1310 nm DFB 2000 <3.5 Product brief
QSFP28 LR4 1294-1310 nm LWDM EML 10 000 <4.5 Product brief
QSFP28 AOC 850 nm VCSEL 100 <3.5 Product brief