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Reflex Photonics provides rugged embedded transceivers for harsh environment interconnect.

Communication on COVID-19

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The SpaceABLE28 SL radiation resistant transceivers are engineered to withstand radiation doses >100 krad (Si).
Reflex Photonics’ SpaceCONEX28 SC radiation résistant VPX blind mate interconnect
Reflex Photonics’ LightABLE28™ LL rugged transceivers .
LightABLE LM embedded transceiver LM Series
LightCONEX28 blind mate optical interconnect for VPX embedded computing systems
LightVISION LM robust industrial transceiver
The VITA 57.1/57.4 compliant LightABLE Optical FMC Board offers 150 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth data communication.
The Optical Tester SR12 is the perfect vehicle for testing and experiencing the LightABLE SR12 transceiver modules.
Multimode fiber cable

Rugged, MIL-Spec, onboard embedded optical transmitter and receiver with bandwidth up to 300 Gbps for the most demanding environment.


Onboard embedded optical transmitter and receiver modules offering radiation hardness, robustness, longevity, and high I/O density.

Commercial aerospace

Affordable, reliable, high-performance embedded optical transceivers with bandwidth up to 150 Gbps.


Affordable, reliable, easy to integrate, high-performance embedded optical transceivers with bandwidth up to 150 Gbps.


Recent news

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Reflex Photonics launches a new blind mate active optical interconnect product line compatible with VITA and SOSA standards.
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Understanding the Test Criteria of Optical Fiber Transceivers Used in Space
Reflex Photonics awarded export category Accolades prize by the West island of Montreal Chamber.
Reflex Photonics expands range of space-qualified products used in LEO constellations and GEO high-throughput communication satellites.