MicroClip MT ferrule

Proprietary MicroClip™ MT ferrule

MicroClip MT ferrule

The proprietary MicroClip is a low-profile, low-mass spring loaded mechanical assembly that offers a rugged optical connection that is resistant for shock and vibration and is suitable for harsh environment. The  MicroClip ferrule design has proven it can withstand a 1 kg live traffic fiber pull test on a 12-fiber ribbon cable pigtail mated to its LightABLE products (40G SR4 and 120G SR12), without any signal performance degradation. This result exceeds by a factor of 2 the requirements of Telecordia GR-468-CORE Fiber Integrity Side Pull Test and confirms the reliability of the Reflex Photonics fiber ribbon interface with the LightABLE and its MicroClip ferrule.

Specifications and features

  • Pull force: 1 kg (twice the Telecordia GR-468 requirements)
  • Lightweight, low profile, and simple assembly

Videos on installing the MicroClip

With fixed dowel pins
With detachable dowel pins