Active Optical Module

Active optical module

Active Optical Module

Active Optical Module

Meritec, in collaboration with Reflex Photonics, developed a compact and rugged 40 Gbps E/O media convertor meeting ANSI/VITA 76 standard. The module provides a simple solution to upgrade the reach of high speed electrical signals by converting to optical. Error-free transmission at 40 Gbps I/O density  over a 100 m was verified in harsh environmental conditions.
The electrical interface uses a size 17 circular shell, while the optical interface is a 12 fiber MT optical ferrule housed in a size 11 circular shell. The length of the media converter is only 7 cm.

Quote from Meritec

The VITA 76 standard defines a high bandwidth copper I/O connector system that consists of bulkhead-receptacles and cable-end-plugs. The bulkhead receptacle is a connector meeting the MIL-DTL-38999M, Series III circular shell requirements. This new development is about a small form cable end plug which convert electrical RF signals from the copper interface to optical signals using a LightABLE SR4 transceiver from Reflex Photonics.

Benefits of using LightABLE transceivers

  • Convert RF signals to optical signals.
  • Full duplex optical transceiver with 4 transmit and 4 receive parallel lane, each lane carrying a 12.5 Gbps signal.
  • This device is fully qualified for harsh environment applications under MIL-STD 883 shock and vibration.
  • Operates under industrial temperature range (–40 ºC to 100 ºC).
  • Data transmission over a distance of 100 m with a bit error rate (BER) better than 10-13 and a wide open eye diagram.
  • Receiver sensitivity: –12 dBm.
  • Small dimensions (L × H × D): 24 mm × 5 mm × 13 mm.
  • Low power consumption: 1.8 W with 8 lanes activated.

Learn more about the Active Optical Module from Meritec

Transceiver used in this application

LightABLE LM 50G and  150G embedded transceivers

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