Industry membership and partnerships

Industry membership


The SOSA consortium is a voluntary coalition of government, industry, and academic entities which aims at developing open technical standards for sensors.

The consortium provides a vendor-neutral forum for members to work together to harmonize and create open standards to enable the development of agile, interoperable, and affordable military and commercial sensors. The architectures employ modular design and use widely supported, consensus-based, nonproprietary standards for key interfaces that are expected to:

  • Reduce development cycle time and cost
  • Reduce systems integration cost and risk
  • Increase commonality and reuse
  • Reduce sustainment and modernization cost
  • Support capability evolution and mitigate obsolescence
  • Enable technology transition
  • Facilitate interoperability
  • Isolate the effects of change


VITA is an incorporated, non-profit organization of vendors and users having a common market interest in real-time, modular embedded computing systems.

The VITA Standards Organization (VSO), the standards development arm of VITA, is accredited as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developer and a submitter of Industry Trade Agreements to the IEC. VITA provides members with the ability to develop and to promote open technology standards.


ARINC Standards and collaborative solutions improve cost effectiveness, increase productivity, and reduce life-cycle costs for airlines and their partners in the avionics, cabin system, and flight simulation and training segments of the aviation industry.

AEEC, AMC, and FSEMC are global technical activities comprised of airlines and other organizations eligible to be Member Organizations with additional support provided by Corporate Sponsors.

Reflex Photonics participates in the following subcommittees of the AEEC:

  • Cabin Systems Subcommittee (CSS)
  • Fiber Optics Subcommittee (FOS)


SAE International is a global body of scientists, engineers, and practitioners that advances self-propelled vehicle and system knowledge in a neutral forum for the benefit of society.

SAE International is a global association of more than 128,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. Our core competencies are life-long learning and voluntary consensus standards development.
SAE International's charitable arm is the SAE Foundation, which supports many programs, including A World In Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series.

Reflex Photonics is active in the AS-3 Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics Committee.

International SpaceWire and SpaceFibre Working Group

The SpaceWire and SpaceFibre Working Group is a forum aiming at promoting the usage of SpaceWire and SpaceFibre links, switches, nodes and networks.

It has the additional mandate to steer new developments of devices, tools and protocols.

Institutional partnerships


MiQro Innovation Collaborative Center (C2MI) is the fundamental link between applied research and the rapid commercialization of microelectronic products.

C2MI facilitate microsystem design and prototyping in compliance with market needs in fields of application such as communication technology, automobile, aerospace, environment and health, so as to accelerate commercialization.

The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce (WIMCC)

The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce (WIMCC) is the voice of the West Island business community, as it represents the needs of its 850 members.

The WIMCC’s mission is to encourage and promote the development of the business community. Its territory includes all municipalities from Lachine to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Main goals of the WIMCC

  • Provide opportunities for local business to work together contributing to the region’s industrial, commercial and economic development.
  • Promote and foster the economic, social and professional interests of its members.
  • Represent the interests of Chamber members towards government and public bodies.
  • Promote training in cooperation with leaders in the field.
  • Provide networking opportunities for its members.
  • Promote the West Island by actively participating in regional, provincial and national activities, as well as in various committees and board meetings.
  • Recognize local business excellence.
  • Provide members with discounted services and products from affiliated merchants.