Management team

Noël Dubé, CEO

Noël Dubé


Noël Dubé has been working as President and CEO of Reflex Photonics since October 2013. Noël was formerly one of the founders and member on the board of directors of R/D Tech Inc. were he held the positon of VP Sales and Business Development.

R/D Tech was a research and development company which manufactured and commercialized proprietary nondestructive testing equipments, with global shipments into more than 60 countries.u00a0From 1990 to 2005, Noel held executive and management positions in supporting the growth of the company from $2M CADu00a0to $180M CAD, with 600 employees and 12 global offices. In 2003 the nuclear business of R/D Tech was sold to ZETEC USA and, in 2005, the entire company was sold to Olympus NDT Japan. He worked as Sales and Business development advisor for Olympus NDT until 2006.nIn 2006 Nou00ebl and his partners founded the private investment firm FIERu00a0Succu00e8s (Fonds du2019Intervention aux Entreprises Ru00e9gionales) in Quebec City, Canada and in 2010 they founded FSIT (Fonds de solidaritu00e9 FTQ Investissements Technologiques I, s.e.c.).u00a0He works as a specialist in evaluating the technologies, sales and marketing capabilities of various companies in different industries. He has served as a director and advisor for many firms.nNoel graduated in Engineering Physics in 1984 at Laval University Quebec.n
Tullio Panarello, Executive President

Tullio Panarello

Executive President

As Executive President, Mr. Panarello is responsible for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction adopted by Reflex Photonics. He ensure that the organization's leadership maintains constant awareness of the competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer base, markets, and new industry developments and standards.

Before joining Reflex Photonics, Mr. Panarello has been an Executive Manager for over 20 years. He has gained international business experience in high tech companies, and has extensive operating experience with P&L responsibility for businesses in excess of $150M.nMr. Panarello holds numerous patents and has an MBA from Queenu2019s University and a Masters in Engineering Physics from McMaster University.u00a0Before joining Reflex Photonics, Mr. Panarello has held upper management positions with Stratuscent Inc, Solantro Semiconductor Corp, and ESI.n
Brian Mink V.P. Operations

Brian Mink

V.P. Operations 

Brian has been the General Manager of Reflex Photonics since 2008. Over that period of time, he transformed the company from a start-up to a qualified vendor of military-grade components. His vast experience in manufacturing of high reliability products is key to Reflex Photonics success.

Prior to joining Reflex Photonicsu00a0heu00a0was the President of Innovator Electronic Manufacturing Services (a Division of Lyrtech) for 12 years. Lyrtech was a leading ODM that delivered advanced digital signal processing solutions to top-tier partners such as Texas Instruments and Xilinx, as well as numerous international customers.n
David Rolston. Founder, Senior Technology Advisor

David Rolston

Founder, Senior Technology Advisor

Prior to co-founding Reflex Photonics in 2002, Dr. David R. Rolston worked at FCI-Areva for 2 years as senior photonics scientist where he helped commission one of three global R&D research centers in the field of optics and photonics.

While at FCI-Areva's Corporate Research Center he was responsible for the planning and design of several projects into multi-gigabit parallel optical fiber transceivers and fused biconic fiber couplers.nHis secondary fields of interest involve the design, testing, and packaging of VLSI ASICs for high-speed optoelectronic systems. His current responsibilities include the design and testing of optical and optomechanical design assemblies for optical transceivers and hybrid optical IC packaging concepts for chip-to-chip optical interconnections. Dr. Rolston has published numerous papers and holds several US and international patents and patents pending. Dr. David R. Rolston received B.Eng., M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees all in electrical and computer engineering from McGill University, Canada.

Benoit Reid, V.P. Engineering

Benoit Reid

V.P. Engineering

Benoit Reid has over 25 years of product and technology development in the field of photonics. At Reflex Photonics, he is responsible for leading the design engineering team and managing product development from early phase to transfer into production.

Prior to joining Reflex Photonics, Benoit has held various senior managerial in photonics technology and product development as well as in operations, including leading engineering teams across multiple continents, ramping up manufacturing of complex products, locally and abroad in Asian locations, and participating in technology acquisition and transfer. Among others, he has worked at ITF Technologies, Electro-Scientific Industries, PyroPhotonics Lasers, and Nortel Network. Benoit received a B.Eng. and a Ph.D. degree in Engineering Physics from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada. He is the inventor or co-inventor of more than two dozen patents.n
Arlen Martin. Director of Product Marketing.

Arlen Martin

Director of Product Marketing

Arlen Martin has held positions in product marketing, product management and IP licensing in the photonics space covering products including optical transceivers, silicon photonics and lasers. Mr. Martin is responsible for the Industry Manager team that targets applications for ruggedized optical modules in the defense, space, commercial aerospace, and industrial market segments.

Prior to joining Reflex Photonics, Mr. Martin has worked for MACOM, Avago, LSI, TriQuint, Agere and Lucent where he has developed market analyses, business plans, product strategies; worked closely with customers and collaborated with competitors on multi-source agreements (MSA); and managed P&L. Mr. Martin has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a BSEET from Capitol Technology University.

Guillaume Blanchette, Industry manager – Space.

Guillaume Blanchette

Industry Manager – Space.

Guillaume Blanchette has been active at the product management level and the business development level as a Space industry manager for Reflex Photonics since 2017. Over that period, he was instrumental in structuring the radiation-resistant modules portfolio of the company.

Prior to joining Reflex Photonics, he was Product line manager at Electro-Scientific Industries from 2013 to 2017. He has worked for Pyrophotonics lasers inc, Onefive laser GmbH and managed the New wave research laser product line at ESI. Guillaume received a B.Eng in Engineering Physics from École Polytechnique Montréal, Canada. He is a multiple inventor or co-inventor and patents author in the field of laser and electro-optic systems.

Pierre Cardinal, V.P. of Sales

Pierre Cardinal

V.P. of Sales

Pierre Cardinal is a seasoned business planner with more than 25 years’ experience managing international senior sales executives, building and implementing corporate sales and marketing strategies.

Before joining Reflex Photonics as Director of International Sales Pierre has worked for leading high-tech enterprises selling complex and innovative solutions, and services directly, or in partnership with Tier 1, integrators/contractors, and OEM to leading enterprises in the aerospace, military, transport, telecommunication sectors, and government agencies.nPierre Cardinal holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) from McGill University.n