Trade shows and events

Reflex Photonics will be exhibiting in or attending the following industry trade shows and conferences:

Click on the show logo to access more information and to request a meeting with a representative.

Embedded Tech Trends is an industry-wide forum where suppliers of component, board and system level solutions can meet exclusively with members of relevant industry media.

Atlanta, GA, USA | 27/01 − 28/01


San Francisco, CA, USA | 04/02 − 06/02

The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition

San Diego, CA, USA | 10/03 − 12/03

Satellite 2020

Washington, DC, USA | 10/03 − 12/03

Aerospace Tech Week

Toulouse, France | 18/03 − 19/03

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2020

Hamburg, Germany | 31/03 − 02/04

Reflex Photonics will be participating to the following standardization committees meetings:

Learn more about these industry standards organizations.

Meeting Date Location
28/01/2020 St-Pete Beach, FL, USA
29/01/2020 Atlanta, GA, USA
ARINC-CSS 04/02/2020 Mobile, AL, USA
SOSA F2F 04/02/2020 TBD
VITA-VSO  18/03/2019 Dallas, TX, USA
SpaceWire and SpaceFiber Working Group 25/03/2020 Noordwijk ZH, The Netherlands
SOSA F2F 31/03/2020 TBD
ARINC -AEEC 11/05/2020 Phoenix, AZ, USA
SAE-AS3 12/05/2020 Pittsburg, PA, USA
VITA-VSO  20/05/2019 Melbourne, FL, USA
SOSA F2F 02/06/2020 Sunrise, FL, USA
VITA-VSO  15/07/2019 San Pedro, CA, USA
SOSA F2F 04/08/2020 Newark, DE, USA
VITA-VSO  16/09/2019 Baltimore, MD, USA
SAE-AS3 22/09/2020 Colorado Springs, CO, USA
SOSA F2F 23/09/2020 Pax River, MD, USA
SOSA F2F 17/11/2020 TBD
VITA-VSO  18/11/2020 Destin, FL, USA
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