SNAP12 embedded transceiver

SNAP12 is a 12-channel pluggable parallel optical transmitter or receiver module with a standard chassis mountable MPO interface. It is a self-contained, electrical to optical converter, which requires no internal fiber management or handling. All modules include Reflex Photonics’ state of the art LightABLE optical packaging technology. 

The SNAP12 high-speed rugged modules are used extensively in commercial aerospace for IFEC (in-flight entertainment and connectivity) applications, high performance computers, and industrial equipment.

Drawing of SNAP12 module.
Dimensions are given in mm.

Specifications and features

  • Performance: up to 10.3125 Gbps/channel
  • Proven: thousands used in IFEC and industrial applications
  • Reliable: rugged construction to provide long life and consistent service
  • Easy to use: Plug & Play – Standard MPO/MTP® optical interconnect
  • Interoperable: SNAP12 MSA compliant
  • Commercial (0 °C to 70 °C) operating temperature range

Please see product datasheet for detailed specifications.

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