Reflex Photonics is leading the IFES Market with new SNAP12 high-performance transceiver

SNAP12 TX RX embedded transceivers
SNAP12 embedded transceivers

Major aircraft companies looking for the best signal quality and bandwidth in their in-flight entertainment systems turn to the SNAP12 embedded transceiver for its ability to distribute the highest quality content at blazing speed.
Reflex Photonics, a leader in optical interconnects for IFES, has extended the quality and performance of the SNAP12 product family up to 75G in both commercial and industrial grade (−40°C to 85°C). This improved performance can extend the life of existing EVOP system and improve the performance at no extra cost for airliner. These modules underwent extensive testing to meet requirements for harsh environments. The Reflex’s SNAP12 are 100% compatible with the industry standards.
SNAP12 are 12 channel parallel optical modules with a standard chassis mount MPO interface. They are self-contained electrical-to-optical converters requiring no internal fiber management or handling.

Luis Perez, Sales Engineer, says:

The SNAP12 is the only solution that offers the best signal quality with no latency for the increasingly demanding IFES features such as Wi-Fi and cell phone support.
In addition, SNAP12 brings fault tolerance, reduces weight, and offers EMI/EMC and lightning tolerance over copper interconnects. There is no comparison… Reflex Photonics also keeps improving the SNAP12 performance with the planned development of a 120G version.