LightCONEX28 LC 100G (full duplex)

LightCONEX28 LC 100G (full duplex) plug-in module connector

LightCONEX28 LC 100G (full duplex) plug-in module connector

The LightCONEX® active blind mate optical interconnect is a revolutionary solution for VPX systems that includes a fixed plug-in module connector and a floating backplane connector compatible with proposed VITA 66.5 standard. The low-profile plug-in module connector is screwed on the board edge through an interposer, saving board space and eliminating fiber cable handling. Compatibility with the different VITA apertures is shown in diagram here.

Specifications and features

  • Optical interconnect: Mechanical Transfer (MT) ferrule with linear array of 12 parallel multimode fibers
  • Secure connection: Spring within the backplane optical cable provides the mating force between plug-in module and backplane MTs.
  • Standards: Designed following VITA 66.5 standard (forthcoming).
  • Maintenance: Supports two-level maintenance.
  • Blind mate: Eliminates fiber handling and frees up space on host board.
  • Robustness: Tested for vibration and shock over industrial temperature range, exposure to humidity, salt fog, sand and dust, mate/un-mate cycles, following military specs.

Module connector features

  • Rugged: MIL STD 883 compliant
  • Moisture resistant: sealed
  • Compact transceiver (L×W×H):
    27 mm ×14 mm ×3.5 mm
  • Performance: 28 Gbps/lane from –40 ºC to 85 ºC
  • Reach: up to 100 m, OM3 fiber
  • BER: up to 10–9 with −9 dBm sensitivity
  • Low power consumption: 1.4 W per module (4+4)-lane 28G
  • Data interface: CML
  • Board mount: LGA connector


  • VPX single board computing
  • C4ISR embedded systems
  • AESA radars
  • Ethernet switches, high BW communication links
A datasheet is available

A datasheet is available for this product.
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LightCONEX LC with 12-lane active module on a 3U VPX board (Style A, with front mating plate removed).

The LightCONEX28 LC is offered with a (4+4)-lane transceiver in industrial operating temperature. Each lane operates at up to 28 Gbps

VPX board with VITA 46 and LightCONEX LC plug-in connectors (Style A).

ELMA 3U VPX backplane with LightCONEX LC backplane connector (Style A).

Close-up of the LightCONEX LC 12-lane plug-in module connector (Style A).

Close-up of the LightCONEX LC 12-lane backplane connector (Style A).

Plug-in module connector features

The LightCONEX plug-in module connector contains the optical transceiver with its MT ferrule, an LGA interposer, and a front mating plate. The front mating plate has the primary alignment feature socket and a hole to accommodate the MT from the transceiver.

LightCONEX plug-in module connector Style B exploded view

LightCONEX plug-in module connector Style B shown here.

The main components of the plug-in module connector are:

  1. Front mating plate, with:
  2. Hole to accommodate MT from the transceiver
  3. Primary alignment feature socket
  4. Optical transceiver
  5. Interposer

Style B and C

The LightCONEX plug-in module connectors Style B and C have front mating plates for each respective styles. The primary alignment feature is located below the optical transceiver. These connectors require interposers ITP3, ITP4, or IPT5.

  • Style B has one optical transceivers and one cabled MT.
  • Style C has one optical transceiver.

Optical transceiver with front mating plate

The plug-in module connectors are equipped with optical transceivers offering multiple transmit and receive and bandwidth configurations and with required interposers:

  • LightCONEX28  4TRX module: for Styles B and C
The plug-in module connectors are equipped with optical transceivers.

Plug-in module connector styles all shown with 4TRX transceiver.


  • 2 mm, 96 positions. Styles B and C (ITP5)
ITP1 96-position interposer

ITP5 interposer