Reflex Photonics introduces LightVISION rugged optical transceivers for smart car applications.

LightVISION VM industrial optical module with MPO interface

Reflex Photonics is proud to launch the LightVISION MPO compatible rugged optical transceiver for data gathering vehicle fleets for AI training of future self-driving car applications.

The global automotive industry advances rapidly toward fully autonomous (Level 5) vehicles. Today, many competing data gathering fleets of vehicles are logging millions of km on the roads of the world in order to amass the data required to feed and train the AI that will enable full vehicle autonomy. The detection accuracy and the size of the dataset demanded by those safety-critical training systems is very high, as is the bandwidth, performance, and reliability of the high-speed links providing the data collecting backbone of these vehicles.

Gathering data.

In order to amass as much driving environment data as possible, a typical data-gathering vehicle setup consists of a multitude of sensors including cameras, radar and lidar, giving the vehicle 360-degree data gathering capability. In practice this translates into petabytes of training data being shuttled from sensors, to computer, to storage over the vehicle’s high-speed, high-bandwidth data collection networks.

Optical technology is the only way to ensure rugged, reliable, high-bandwidth data collection.

By offering much higher speed that what is available with copper interconnects, optic fiber data links remove the bottleneck in the data collection network and enable high-quality uncompressed data to be stored in the vehicle.
The LightVISION VM is a screw-in, robust, industrial and RoHS optical module with MPO interface that answers all the requirements of high bandwidth data gathering application.
LightVISION uses a standard MPO pluggable optical interface that allows a standard MPO cable to be plugged into the optical module and also mounted on the face-plate of a box or line-card.

Guillaume Blanchette, PM at Reflex Photonics adds:

The LightVISION VM acts like a QSFP+ but offers reduced dimensions and power consumption, industrial temperature range, multiple board mounting options, and board mount and edge mount capability. This optical module will outclass QSFP+ on multiple front and it is backed by Reflex Photonics proven reliability and rugged design.