Reflex Photonics offers families of embedded transceivers and transceivers modules for advanced interconnect-based solutions using its unique patent technology. Using its core LightABLE technology the following product families are available to meets the different market segments.

Embedded transceivers

Reflex Photonics embedded transceivers are chip-sized components based on 850 nm VCSEL and offering bandwidth up to 300 Gbps for short reach applications (<300 m).
These transceivers can be soldered or socketed to a printed circuit board and are well suited for small, compact systems requiring high I/O density, low power, and small space. Many of these transceivers have been qualified to operate in harsh environments, such as the ones found in space, and aerospace and defense applications.

VPX optical interconnects

Reflex Photonics blind mate optics consists of a module connector with an integrated optical transceiver and a backplane connector.
These products require no cables on the module and saves board space due to integration of the transceiver into the module connector. The module connector attaches to the board with an LGA connector which allows the boards to be provisioned with optics as required.

Optical FMC Cards

The VITA 57.1/57.4 compliant LightABLE Optical FMC Board offers 150 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth data communication and can be used with all the FPGA front end processing boards.

Optical fiber cables

Reflex Photonics carries a wide selection of multimode optical fibre cables and ribbons.
Multimode fiber (50/125) is used  and can be terminated in multiple styles (MT, MPO, etc.). Lengths of up to 300 m are offered. Custom cables and ribbons are available.