Reflex Photonics will present a communication at Space Tech Expo-USA 2019

Space Tech Expo USA

A communication written by Jocelyn Lauzon, Guillaume Blanchette, and Pierre Cardinal and entitled Demonstrating COTS Optical Fiber Transceivers for Intra-Satellite High-Speed Communications will be presented at the Space Tech Expo USA 2019 event.

Summary of the article

Satellites are being deployed in different orbit configurations, for different applications, but most of these revolve around large data transfer such as those generated by real-time high-resolution imaging. In this presentation, we will demonstrate that parallel fiber optics transceivers are the best components to support intra-satellite communications for such large data-transfer applications.
Optical fiber optic transceivers are insensitive to electro-magnetic interference, they are low weight and low volume, and offer an unbeatable transmission capacity-to-power-consumption ratio. By choosing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) fiber optic transceiver products, the satellite industry can benefit from a field-tested high-performance fiber optic transceiver technology that  has been in use for many years in harsh environment defense and avionics applications. By using these COTS products, rather than custom-made components, the satellite industry also benefits from much lower unit prices. The only concern with these COTS products is their resistance to space environment, as radiation hardness, temperature cycling in vacuum, outgassing, and decompression exceed the defense and avionics reliability requirements, such as thermal fatigue, vibration, mechanical and thermal shocks. In this presentation, we will demonstrate that it is possible to meet these extra space environment requirements, in addition to all other harsh environment requirements, with minimal technical adjustments to COTS fiber optics transceivers.

Reflex Photonics will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo-USA

Location Dates Booth number
Pasadena, CA, USA 21/05 − 22/05 3027
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