Reflex Photonics to present a paper at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019

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A paper written by Jocelyn Lauzon, and entitled Intra-Satellite Applications Reliability Tests Results for COTS Fibre Optics Transceivers will be presented at the Space Tech Expo Europe 2019.


Intra-Satellite Applications Reliability Tests Results for COTS Fibre Optics Transceivers

Optical fibre communications offer the largest data processing capacity over any other technology; with the added benefit of being associated with small weight and low power consumption. For the new generation satellite deployments offering services such as high-speed Internet, in-flight connectivity and broadband connectivity to rural areas; the bandwidth requirements for intra-satellite data processing can only be offered by optical communications. With optical fibre technology, the communication networks could benefit from unsurpassed ability to efficiently and flexibly be modified in real-time. Optical communication is a proven technology that has been deployed in harsh defence and avionics applications for a large number of years.

Intra-satellite applications being associated to distances limited to tens of meters, the most adapted technology for such an environment is multimode fibre parallel fibre optics transceiver-based communication links. It is Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) insensitive and based on Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) offering the best possible performance stability with temperature, to avoid the use of power-hungry temperature controllers. Ideally, this proven technology, offered as Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, benefitting from volume production assembly processes to lower its sales cost, could also meet the space applications specific additional requirements such as single event effect (heavy ions), total ionizing dose (gamma rays) and total non-ionising dose (protons) radiations, live vacuum thermal cycling (TVAC) and outgassing.

In this presentation, we will see that some minor, but critical adjustments of the defence and aerospace COTS fibre optics transceivers have to be made in order to meet the space requirements, more specifically for single event effect radiation robustness. These adjustments not being related to the mechanical integrity of the product, qualification testing of space optimised COTS fibre optics transceivers, built using the same automated assembly processes: live random vibrations, mechanical shocks, thermal shocks, rapid decompression, temperature cycling, lifetime and damp heat tests, have been verified to be successful once again. During this presentation, we will share these test results and the most recent radiation (cross section vs LET), live TVAC and outgassing test results to demonstrate space applications COTS fibre optics transceiver can be readily made available to large bandwidth communication satellite integrators for short term deployment.

Following Mr. Lauzon presentation, you will be able to: 

  • Evaluate the performance, specifications and robustness of low-cost Commercial Off-The-Shelf parallel optics multimode optical fibre optics large bandwidth (up to 28Gbps per channel) transceivers for intra-satellite communication link applications
  • Understand why optical communication technology is mandatory for large bandwidth data processing associated to satellite services such as high-speed Internet, in-flight connectivity and broadband connectivity to rural areas
  • Assess the results of reliability testing for COTS fibre optics transceivers, such as single event effect heavy ion radiation tests, and evaluate their readiness for short term deployment inside communication satellites

Speaker biography

Jocelyn Lauzon Senior Technical Advisor.

Jocelyn “Justin” Lauzon is currently Senior Technical Advisor at Reflex Photonics Inc. He was Vice-President Engineering at the same company until the Fall of 2018.

Before joining Reflex Photonics in 2015, Jocelyn was Product Line Manager and Program Manager for Optoelectronics at CMC Electronics, an avionics sub-systems custom manufacturer, from 2006 to 2015.

Jocelyn was also Director of Innovation and Business Development at RISQ (Réseau d’Informations Scientifiques du Québec), an Internet service provider, from 2003 to 2006. Prior to that, Jocelyn was Director of the Photonics, Fibers and Lasers group at INO (Institut National d’Optique), from 1994 to 2003.

Jocelyn obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Laval University in 1994, specializing in fiber optics components. He graduated in Engineering Physics in 1991. He holds 14 US invention patents and has published more than 75 scientific papers along his career.

Reflex Photonics will be exhibiting at Space Tech Expo-Europe

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Bremen, Germany 19/11 − 21/11 E-12
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