Technical papers

The LightCONEX blind mate optical interconnect for VPX embedded computing systems, consists of a module connector and a backplane connector compatible with the VITA 66.4 standard.

What are LightCONEX active optical interconnects ?

The LightCONEX 12+12 Active Blind Mate Optical Interconnect solution for the embedded computing systems features ...
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LightCONEX™ blind mate optical interconnect for VPX embedded computing systems integrates a LightABLE optical transceiver into the plug-in module connector.

Board Edge Mount Active Optical Connector

Paper presented at the Avionics and Vehicle Fiber-Optics and Photonics Conference 2017 (AVFOP) ...
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Relation between the different elements of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Compute, Communicate, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance).

Rugged Optical Transceivers for Embedded Computing Systems

For military and aerospace applications, C4ISR is invaluable for almost instantaneous high-end decision making ...
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Phased array radar

Parallel Optics: The Next Leap for Embedded System

Fiber optics interconnect has emerged as the only viable technology to carry the massive amount ...
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