New rugged SNAP12 operates up to 75 Gbps in harsh environments

SNAP12 TX RX embedded transceivers
SNAP12 TX RX embedded transceivers

Reflex Photonics announces an expansion of its SNAP12 optical module product line to include an industrial temp (-40 ºC to 85 ºC) module operating at speeds up to 75 Gbps. The SNAP12 underwent extensive testing to meet requirements for harsh environments. Reflex SNAP12 is 100% compatible with the multi-source agreement.
SNAP12 is a 12 channel parallel optical module with a standard chassis mount MPO interface. It is a self-contained electrical to optical converter requiring no internal fiber management or handling. This is important for manufacturing environments that prefer not to handle fragile optical cables.

Mr. Gerald Persaud, VP Business Development at Reflex Photonics adds:

Reflex is committed to long-term support for the SNAP12 and continues to invest in broadening this product line for higher data rates and I/O. The simplicity of SNAP12 makes it a preferred module in many applications for avionics, defense, industrial automation, and medical. We are pleased to provide continued support for existing and new products using SNAP12. As well, our high-speed rugged parts are gaining traction in many rugged applications.