We expect as self-driving or assisted driving goes mainstream fiber-optics will interconnect all systems in the vehicle

Taking the Fast Bridge between Neural Networks

Technology for optical interconnects is vital in the industry, since processor speeds are outpacing copper wires for bandwidth and latency among devices, including VPX. During our recent interview, Gerald Persaud, VP Business Development at Reflex Photonics, told me this is a solvable problem, even in the harsh environments of military and outer space.
OneWeb Satellites is planning the launch 900 satellites into low Earth orbit beginning in 2018, to deliver Internet access globally.

The Internet of space and radiation hardened transceivers

We are on the verge of a new era of human connectivity and communications – the Internet of Space (IoS) is upon us. The explosion of worldwide communications over the past 25 years has led to the pervasive use of mobile and land communications equipment with an abundance of platforms, applications and devices all driving the growth of many of the largest businesses in the world.

Rugged transceivers

Reflex Photonics' products are intrinsically robust making them the ideal choice for the most demanding environment. The sealed optical path guarantees optimum performances over high temperature and humidity ranges. LightABLE based products can be surface mounted and meet the strictest shock and vibration requirements for industrial and military applications.