SpaceCONEX SC 120G (full duplex)

SpaceCONEX 120G SC (full duplex) active blind mate optics

The SpaceCONEX SC revolutionary active blind mate optical interconnect for VPX systems, consists of a plug-in module connector and a backplane connector compatible with the forthcoming VITA 66.5 standard. A SpaceCONEX SC optical transceiver is directly integrated into the plug-in module connector, saving board space and eliminating fiber cable handling.
The backplane connector is a low profile drop-in replacement for the VITA 66.4 standard and includes springs to ensure a secure MT to MT mating connection under extreme shock and vibration conditions.

3U VPX board with VITA 46 and SpaceCONEX SC plug-in connector.

ELMA 3U VPX backplane with SpaceCONEX SC backplane connector.

Close-up of the SpaceCONEX SC 24-lane plug-in module connector.

Close-up of the SpaceCONEX SC 24-lane backplane connector.

Radiation resistant

Specifications and features

  • Drop-in replacement for VITA 66.4.
  • No fiber management. 
  • Rugged: withstand radiation doses >100 krad (Si) and qualified per MIL-STD 883 shock and vibration.
  • Expected life: up to 20 years.
  • Cold start temperature: –55 ºC.
  • Performance: up to 10.3125 Gbps/lane from –40 ºC to 100 ºC
  • BER: As low as 10–15.
  • Low power consumption: 85 mW/lane (<10 pJ per bit).


  • High-throughput communication satellites
  • Internet of Space
  • VPX single board computers.
  • High I/O density, high BW communication links
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